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All You Need to Know About Web3

Start with the fundamentals, discover a passion and get to know others in that space. Let us manage your learning path, and become part of a skilled workforce that companies will want to hire.

What You Will Learn


Why do we need Web3?


What is the technology?


How will it change the world?


Where to apply Web3 knowledge?

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Weekly Community Calls

Insider Q&As with both an Executive Venture Partner of a Web3 VC fund and a C-level Partner at a Layer 1 blockchain. 

Expert Vetted Videos

+ Animated teaching videos  
+ Step-by-step"how to" screen recording videos

Easy to Read Content

+ Full access to notion database 

+ Weekly newsletters 

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Hear It from Our Students

“Marine and Christoph have an incredible wealth of knowledge on Web3 and really love sharing that knowledge. Totally worth it!”




Alongside your coursework, join a worldwide movement of creators who who will reinvent will reinvent the way we live, work, shop and commute in a web3 economy. Not only will you learn about Web3, you can connect with likeminded growing talents in our student-exclusive community.

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible


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