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Everything you need to know about Web3

AppliedWeb3 provides an effective and powerful way to learn about Web3

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Welcome to The Academy of Applied Web3, where we are committed to teaching, funding, and supporting the growth of web3.


As Venture Capital investors and web3 builders ourselves, we have a wealth of experience working with founders, governmental organizations, and large corporations to understand and utilize the complexities of web3.


This course is the result of our efforts to distill this knowledge and present it in a way that is most effective for learners. Enroll now to start your journey towards becoming a web3 expert.


What We Offer

Whether you're new to web3 or want to get a job in that space, this course has something for everyone.
Are you ready to join the web3 revolution? Let's get started!

Why we need Web3?

Why is there only one internet? What are Internet Protocols really there for? How did the internet evolve?

What is the Technology?

Blockchain, Tokens, NFTs, Smart Contracts, Cryptography... All you need to know to get your way around the tech.

How will it change the world?

History of money, how are various industries impacted?From music, to healthcare, hospitality, and even politics... 

Where to apply your knowledge

For the more advanced ones: Our investment analyst course and internship opportunitiest facilitated with our partners 3x capital. 

Built for Newbees, by Industry Experts

🙋‍♀️ Marine,

  • VC Investment Partner at crypto fund

  • Raised 60m€ during a NASDAQ IPO as head of IR.

  • Sits on Web3 Advisory board of the BBC.


  • Founder of 2 startup exits, & DeFi builder in Web3

  • Mentor & Speaker to 300+ Founders (50 Crypto)

  • 20 years of experience as a developer

& Network

Tested Blueprints


Trusted Among Industry Leaders

At MC², we are proud to be trusted among industry leaders. Our innovative Web3 teaching has not only caught the attention of the European Parliament, who invited us to conduct a series of workshops on the subject but we have also been invited to sit on the advisory board for the Web3 department of the BBC. And that's not all - we work with lots of other well-known organizations in the field too, including Venture Capital Funds, corporates and NGOs!


What Our Students Say

“I never really leaned into crypto because I thought this was just for young people and tech nerds. As someone with no prior experience in web3, I can really appreciate how structured and condensed the course is."

Victoria P.

“My issue with people in that field is that they are often really obsessed with converting everyone around them to it. Marine and Chris are super informed and gave me the tools to assess web3 projects critically.”

James L.

“I took the course and I am now actually working within one branch of MC². I have learnt so much from their entrepreneurial mindset and experience in crypto and can look forward to a much higher paying carrer now within that field.”

Marc M.
W3 Researcher

Graduate with a
LinkedIn Diploma

Upon completing our web3 course, students will have the opportunity to receive an NFT certification of completion to add to their LinkedIn profile.


To receive the certification, students must complete all coursework and pass a final exam with a passing grade. Upon successful completion, the certification will be automatically added to their LinkedIn profile, making it easily accessible to potential employers.

Get Ready to Speed Up and Maximize Your Learning Experience!

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