Best Program for Web3 Founders

MC2 ventures is partnering with the Newmoon accelerator to provide 360-degree mentoring for startups entering web3 and building in the creative, gaming, and metaverse industries. The accelerator program will provide a remote framework to early and growth-stage startups with proven communities and initial products.

Applicants will take part in a series of workshops over six weeks, covering topics such as tokenomics, smart contract development, and token launches. The program will also cover community building, product design, legal considerations, and branding. Successful applicants will receive visibility from the accelerator´s investment network for future rounds.

The program is free and entirely financed by foundations that want to accelerate Web3. With 9 startups in the initial cohort, backed by the likes of Bitkraft Ventures, Paris Hilton, Meltem Demirors, Kevin Lin, Matthew Ball, RED DAO, LVMH Luxury Ventures, L'Oréal BOLD and UNICEF, the accelerator has officially opened and is welcoming teams and creators globally on a rolling application basis.

Through this partnership, MC2 Ventures continues its mission to support the next generation of web3 startups. If you are new to Web3 and contemplating a new business idea in this field, sign up to our course to learn the core basics.


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